Access Research Network - our parent organization. ARN maintains discussion forums, regular updates about happenings within the intelligent design community, and offers a wide variety of resources, including books, free video clips, and an archive of insightful essays.

Design Inference Website - an extensive archive of the writings of William Dembski.

Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture - the intellectual home of intelligent design. CSC frequently posts relevant news articles and press releases.

Evolution News & Views - the official blog of the Discovery Institute's Center for Science & Culture.

Intelligent Design & Evolution Awareness Center - a non-profit organization with chapters and clubs on campuses around the world. IDEA's website includes in-depth answers to frequently asked questions and can always be counted on to be up-to-date.

Intelligent Design the Future - a blog frequented by prominent intelligent design thinkers.

International Society for Complexity, Information, and Design - a professional society whose membership comprises many of the leading thinkers in the intelligent design community. ISCID maintains discussion forums and publishes an electronic journal.

National Center for Science Education - a thinktank dedicated to defending evolutionary theory, including neo-Darwinism.. NCSE often produces rebuttals to the work of intelligent design theorists.

Panda's Thumb - a discussion blog highly critical of intelligent design, critics of evolutionary theory, including neo-Darwinism, and creationism.

Talk.Origins Archive - a collection of essays written in defense of evolutionary theory, including neo-Darwinism, and in response to critics of evolutionary theory and proponents of intelligent design.

True.Origin Archive - a collection written in defense of creationism and in response to critics of creationism and proponents of evolutionary theory.

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