How to Write a Great About Us Page

When a person clicks on your about us page they generally have one query under consideration : "Who are these guys?" Your potential buyers wish to get a sense of the people behind your site. And they are looking for evidence of trust and credibility. An about us page gives you a valid opportunity to speak about yourself. So don't blow it by filling the page with hype, dull mission statements or incomprehensible selling fluff. As an alternative you need to use the current page to start forming a relationship with the reader. At the exact same time you can brace why you are a smarter choice than your competition. Here are 3 tips for what to incorporate on your about us page : one.

Company history a quick company history reassures visitors that you have got a solid past record as a credible and experienced organisation. Here are 3 straightforward methods to structure your company history : * Write a tale about the way in which the company got started * target the background of the initiator, and what led them to launch the business, or * Present company markers in an easy sequential time line.

If your company is a start-up, the best strategy is to target the prior experience of the principals. Two. Profiles of key staff Visitors like to get an understanding of the people behind the internet site. So introduce the big players on your staff with a short profile. Include a photograph if you can. If the profiles are too long to put all one-page, you can offer links to single-page profiles for every person. Instead of reciting a lifeless resume, focus each profile on how that staff member helps satisfy shoppers ' wishes. A food quote from the staff member can also assist in the creation of a connection. Three.

Your references Your about us page should ideally include your certifications, achievements and recognition. You can break them out into lists and / or splatter them across the page copy.

You can include details of : * Your qualifications * Membership of top industry associations * Awards you have received * Media recognition Your about us page is vital if you are selling goods over the web. Folk need reassuring that you are a credible business before they will enter their card details.

For any business internet site the copy has to address the requirements of the reader.

You have got to show the advantages of your product that your client will enjoy - they just need to know what is in it for them? Why should they purchase from you? What will your product do for them? It should not be concentrated on you, but as an entrepreneur you will not be in a position to help yourself and must get something in about your company.

But confirm it is in an acceptable place ; you want an outlet where you can shout about what you do and what you have achieved. And that is what your About Us page is for. It's your opportunity for the spotlight ; a chance to sell you as a person - so do not squander it. Do people actually glance at the About Us page? They sure do. Everybody wants to know who they may be purchasing from, they'd like to begin to know the face behind the business. They would like to be reassured they're somebody they can trust. And that's the reason why the About Us page exists. Suggestive how frequently have you read somebody's About Us page only to be utterly confused? They can, at certain times be written in a leaden and technical way. Your reader isn't going to be impressed because you know one or two technical terms and long words. If your page is to have impact, make the content significant. Tell them simply who you are and what your company is about.

Be yourself This is your chance to sell you as an individual. So why do so many people show a stock photograph on the About Us page instead of a photograph of themselves? Don't hide - if you are a bigger business include a photograph of your team.

Your reader wants to understand who you are so show them. Be real Write in a genial conversational style. Tell your reader why you started your business. The method you went thru to make it into the company it is today. Make it a human interest story - but ensure it is real. Don't try and pull the wool over your audience ' eyes. Don't hide a few people like to have their contact details on the current page. If you do, ensure they're real and accessible.

Include a good e-mail and fone number. Show your address and a map - people like to understand where you are. If this info is missing they will need to know what you are hiding. Back it up Add additional weight to your claims about your business and its service with testimonials and actual examples. But ensure you reference them - a testimonial without a name is pointless. If you are doubtful of the simplest way to do this hire a pro copywriter to scribble it for you. They may take a bit of time to get to understand you and your company to guarantee they use the right tone, voice and words to get your idea across in a way your audience can understand. The About Us page is extremely important. It might not be your principal landing page it is there to show your reader who you are and the reason why they should deal with you. So use it to show your human side and hook up with them.

If you are planning to manufacture and sell your invention on your own, this is where your prototype and design plans will be really useful.

Manufacturing can be simplified when you have a working prototype of your invention. To start out, contact a manufacturer who is familiar with new product development. That way, you will have the benefit of designers and developers who can identify and fix design flaws. They may even offer a more effective design solution for your product.

If you are going to have your manufacturing outsourced, that is, manufactured by a foreign company, make sure you research the company very well. Look them up online, research them at the library, find out everything you can about them. Foreign sourcing is a big undertaking, and should not be taken lightly.

However, if you have a solid CAD design, a competent manufacturer can produce your product with little trouble. A CAD design will also make it easier to divide your plans among multiple manufacturers, to avoid giving the entire design to one manufacturer if you choose to do that.

You can contact the Thomas Register at 1-800-699-9822 or check out their website to find thousands of manufacturers for everything you can possibly imagine. You can visit or for lists of foreign manufacturers for your particular product.

When discussing your product with manufacturers, always ask if they are open to reducing or waiving up-front production costs for a percentage of future profits, or perhaps some other deal that they may have in mind. Sometimes a manufacturer, seeing the potential in a new product, is willing to produce the product on more creative terms for a guarantee of future business, or a percentage of sales (sort of like royalties).

Be careful, however, with deals like this. Be sure to put a ceiling on the duration of this deal, otherwise, you can end up locking yourself into a lifetime partnership.

The deal should just be financially worth the manufacturer's effort. For instance, I may offer fifty percent of future sales up until production costs are covered, and then ten percent of sales for a year after, with a guarantee of the manufacturer remaining my exclusive provider for the next year. There are literally trillions of ways to put deals together; it's all in how you negotiate it.
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